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Church St. George rotunda. Sofia's oldest building, dating back to 4th century roman times. It's construction coincides with a the time when Serdkia (original name of Sofia) was one of the largest Roman towns in the Balkan region.

Want to find out a little about Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital

Arriving in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria during a red warning heat wave was not quite what I’d anticipated. Leaving SE Asia after a number of years of intense heat and humidity I was seeking some respite. I sort of found it….no humidity. Even in the heat wave it was definitely bearable to be out and about no matter what time of the day. The temperature actually dropped at night to make sleeping possible.

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People of Bulgaria: elders waiting for the priest to arrive to bless the small street church

Love and generosity from the people across Bulgaria

My greatest love about travelling is always about connecting with the local people and the generosity and sincerity shown to a complete stranger. I’ve experienced this so many times in Bulgaria in the short time I’ve been here.

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