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What They Don’t Tell You About Being a Housesitter When It Goes Wrong

I confirmed 5 days into a 6 month stay as a housesitter that I was going to leave. I’d been looking forward to spending time in Bray, Co. Wicklow in the south of Ireland since August, when the owner confirmed me after numerous Skype calls as his chosen housesitter. I’d been a little uneasy with the lack of detail and photos on the owner’s profile on the Trusted Housesitters site, but he seemed friendly and open and sort of answered my questions. I did chase him for weeks for photos, and chased and chased for the Welcome Pack  which he sent just days before I was due to fly in, and only a small percentage of it was filled in. According to the THS Code of Conduct he pledged “I will create a comprehensive and accurate home and pet owner listing, including photos and clear information about what I expect from a sitter, detailed information about my pet(s) and ensure this is kept up-to-date.”  Continue reading