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Leeds City Kirkgate Market housed in this stunning Victorian building. I remember as a child paying weekly visits with my Mum and Grandmother to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. A time before supermarkets were around.

Explore Leeds, West Yorkshire the capital of the North of England

Back in the UK staying near Leeds, the capital of the North of England in the county of West Yorkshire also known as Gods Own Country. I find myself returning to my roots, in an area where I lived for my first 21 years, all be it for 6 weeks. I remember it being a grey, miserable industrial city with huge daunting buildings and tower blocks of flats; a strange accent missing out letters in words and sounding very lazy or sadly lacking in education. Today accents in the UK are revered and not like the past when it would discourage employers, today could actually be the tipping point of success. Speaking the Queen’s English is no longer a requirement of the BBC!

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