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Final full day in HoT

Today is my last day in Henley on Thames, infact last full day in the UK for sometime. I really want to write about my emotions but apart from crying occasionally because I’m so overwhelmed by leaving so many friends and especially my two main girls Rachel Lloyd and Sally King. They have been the most supportive friends you could ever wish for. Not once have they made me feel as if I shouldn’t be doing what I’m going to do.  Yes they probably think I’m bonkers, mad, or just downright stupid, I don’t know.  I only know that for friends they don’t come any better.


Not far behind are many many more. You know who you are and you’ve all become family.

I started writing this sitting in my empty house waiting to have the chimney swept.  The sun was blazing through the lounge window welcoming me to my new life, showing me the future really in bright.

I certainly have not had the final week in HoT like I’d planned.  Last Friday I started with the dreaded virus which seems to be knocking so many people out. I did manage to find a second wind for my leaving do at The Bell where Pam Myles had excelled her culinary prowess and made for everyone the best ever curry. Rob Hooton managed the numerous well wishers and encouraged them to give a donation rather than buy me a drink.  In the Bell over the last week you guys have raised over £110. Thank you so much.

I finally got out of bed on Tuesday and began to stress.  I hadn’t even started to pack not just the stuff to take with me but also the house.  Fortunately I have have a great friend who has moved me the last few times Rob Strutt of Galaxy Removals and he and his guys packed me away and took it all into storage.  My neighbour, yes the one who previously stood on my door step very aggressively shouting at me in a threatening manner, refused the evening before to move his builder’s truck and 4 wheel Audi from in front of my house. Even the next morning when we asked again he refused.  Somewhere in his heart he had a change and about 2 hours in he offered to make space. Even he has some goodness in him.

So after the day’s stresses had melted away I drifted to what had become my second home, The Bell. What a night.  I think the photos speak for themselves.

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This is my last blog from the UK and I really must go now and organise my packing.

Come and follow me to xxx