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Farmer's Kitchen photo taken from their FB site. Indigenous food

What it means to be indigenous on an island full of Chinese?

Indigenous: what does it mean on an island full of Chinese? Were you even aware of indigenous people in Taiwan? I wasn’t. Had I done any research I probably would have, but rarely do I before visiting a new place. I like to arrive with no prejudgements and make my own discoveries.

Wanting to get out of the heavy rain this evening, as I forgot my trusted umbrella (usually used for sun protection), I walked into a vegan restaurant called Farmers’ Kitchen in Hualein. Finally I hoped I would be able to find some food, not pork and without MSG or sugar which coats almost every dish in Taiwan; not good news if you’re diabetic or have a high blood pressure or like me just don’t like extremely salty sweet things.

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Petronas Towers at Christmas Time

Quick visa stop over in vibrant Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Quick visa stop over in vibrant Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia early December 2016 and enough time to go sightseeing. Though I’d only planned 30 days in Thailand, the Ministry of Interior has decided between 1st December 2016 until February 28th 2017, they’d issue the 60 day single entry visa free of charge, so I decided to return to Thailand.

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