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Leeds City Kirkgate Market housed in this stunning Victorian building. I remember as a child paying weekly visits with my Mum and Grandmother to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. A time before supermarkets were around.

Explore Leeds, West Yorkshire the capital of the North of England

Back in the UK staying near Leeds, the capital of the North of England in the county of West Yorkshire also known as Gods Own Country. I find myself returning to my roots, in an area where I lived for my first 21 years, all be it for 6 weeks. I remember it being a grey, miserable industrial city with huge daunting buildings and tower blocks of flats; a strange accent missing out letters in words and sounding very lazy or sadly lacking in education. Today accents in the UK are revered and not like the past when it would discourage employers, today could actually be the tipping point of success. Speaking the Queen’s English is no longer a requirement of the BBC!

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stunning photography in books about Cambodia and the Angkor history

Siem Reap known as Temple Town in the North West of Cambodia

Siem Reap, the place I left 10 months ago, which I called home on and off for 2 years, has changed. I recently return for a short 7 days. Walking across the tarmac after exiting the plane, I breathed in the air and I was reminded once again of the unique smell the town has. Or maybe it was because we’d just missed one of the torrential down pours now the rainy season has started. The air had been cooled and the humidity dropped. By the time I’d got through visa application, where they tried to offload me with change in torn dollar notes, (bills to those of you who are American!) which aren’t legal tender in Cambodia, through customs, collected my luggage, handed in the numerous forms filled out on the plane, it was time to find my tuk tuk driver, the humidity had risen again.

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customers paperwork to release a parcel received from England retained Cambodia Customs wanting $800 to release

How I spent a day negotiating the Cambodian customs system

Customs in Cambodia, how I spent a day negotiating the customs system. Maybe I’m not supposed to write this post as each time I try to document what happened on my day in Phnom Penh (PP) I somehow delete the draft and lose all that I’ve written. Maybe the universe is saying move on.

But I really want to express the kindness I was shown by random people I met as I was going from one government office to another, travelling from one end of the city to the other end.

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traditional Khmer tattoo painted on the wall in gold

Rainy days in Cambodia it’s wet wet wet

Rainy monsoon season in Cambodia can be the best time to visit. The countryside become lush and green and loses the brown dusty look it has in the dry season. The monsoon season usually starts May through to November.  This year 2016 it was late and a drought set in. Many villages were without water and NGO’s started to supply daily bottled water until the rains began.

The rains announce themselves by producing strong winds and swirling tornadoes of dust forming, fast moving clouds form in the angry grey sky and then a single drop of rain before the torrents. No time to get indoors.

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Cambodian Silk: Revival of Silk weaving in Cambodia

Cambodian Silk: The revival of silk weaving in Cambodia by artisans is slowly growing. Cambodia is famous for producing and growing the most exquisite silk and keeping the traditional ways alive.  All steps in the production of the silk is extremely labour intensive from raising and feeding worms from gardens of mulberry bushes, to harvesting the silk thread from the cocoons, processing the thread into the correct quality yard, spinning and then weaving high quality silk.  The knowledge is passed down from generation to generation and was almost wiped out by the Khmer Rouge. Slowly it is emerging again and even started to be exported.

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A Night at the Circus

If you’re planning on visiting Siem Reap make sure you leave a night free to go to one of Phare Circus many acts.

This story is called, Sokha, about a woman haunted by her memories of the Khmer Rouge and based on the true life stories of the founders of Phare Ponleu Selpak NGO School.

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