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refreshing to see the freedom to demonstrate even if I have no idea what it's all about

Longterm destination why it’s not the small island of Taiwan, Republic of China (ROC)

Longterm plans were to travel to Taiwan and stay for 3 months. My intentions were to check out different cities with the view of staying longterm. Taipei, the capital in the north of the island, was not for me as  I like smaller cities and a slower pace of life.  The north was too cold and damp, even in spring, though I suspect the summers would be stifling in this densely populated city. So having moved south to escape the misery of the temperature, I arrived in Tianan. It became apparent, this previous capital city was not going to be much better, though on days it was warmer, though even when the sun shone, a rarity due to the pollution filled sky, this also was a grey, gloomy, ugly city.

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Night scene

Waking up in Taipei, northern Taiwan on a cold grey morning

I was woken by the shaking of my bed and room and realised it was a tremor after last week’s earthquake north of Taipei. It didn’t really registered and I rolled over to try to get warm inside my duvet but it was so cold. I’d moved from 36°c in Thailand to about 12°c over night in Taipei.  The old gloomy concrete Chinese buildings were not built for cold weather so I have no idea what the residents do in mid winter to keep warm.

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