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I have spent most of my working life managing distribution accounts buying and selling computer consumables such as ink and toner for desk top printers. It doesn’t sound very exciting and to be honest it’s a little difficult getting passionate about a toner.  However, I was lucky enough to meet some wonderful people on the way whom I now call friends.

In my spare time I added to my skill set and set up a small jewellery business making individual pieces out of semi precious stones. I also took a Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and became a Master NLP Practitioner. Whilst I practised as a Therapist I helped people with issues such as confidence, anxiety, weight loss, post traumatic stress and many other issues.

I love to travel especially off the beaten track, sleeping under the stars and feeling at one with nature. I’ve travelled many times to Africa and love the peace, the endless horizons, the variety of smells, the sounds, the solitude, the air, and so much more.  However recently I discovered Asia with it’s hustle and bustle, the speed of things, the huge number of people everywhere, the kindness and humblenesss (is that even a word?) of people but most of all as in Africa those with the least seem to be the happiest.  There’s got to be something in that.  I’m so excited to be able to do this and sad to leave behind so many wonderful friends, equally excited about the new ones I’ll meet along the way.  And who knows my soul mate might be doing just the same at the same moment as me!

PS. I’ve discovered Skype finally so if you want to have a live view of where I am, you could send me a message and we’ll arrange a time to catch up.






One thought on “About Judie

  1. Chris Connor

    HI Judie,

    Looks as though you have been having a wonderful time.
    I hope the experience has been all you wanted.

    I look forward to catching up when/if you decide to return to the UK


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