I’ve been absolutely amazed at the size of the volunteering community all helping with time, enthusiasm and skill sets urgently needed across the world in some of the poorest communities.

The projects I have chosen are close to my heart. I’m starting in Jaipur, India and working for a very small local project in a center set up in the slum rural area of the city.  My first assignment is ‘Empowerment for Women’. This project has been set up to educate and train women so they may find a good job or are able to start their  own business enabling them to have an income source.  Most of these women do not know how to write so they are offered basic education classes. They also have access to 1 to 1 and group counselling which is a great interest to me as I will be able to put to good use my Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP skills.

The children of these women and others are not able to go to school because their families are too poor to send them, plus there is little awareness in regard to education for them. So this project provides free education classes for children below the poverty line. There is great need to support the ongoing costs of the center and the supply of free books and stationery.

My role as a volunteer will include teaching basic English, basic maths, personality development classes, self esteem, manners, speaking and behaving in public, etc. I will be educating them on AIDS awareness programmes plus health and hygiene tips and nutrition, etc. Basically I’m hoping to make a difference in helping to improve their lives by providing them with their basic necessities for life.

From there I’ve moving down to Loutolim, Goa to join a headmistress I have met on previous travels. Susan wants me to help her set up a brand new school for the village. As long as I’m not physically building I’ll be fine!! This will enhance the local community and help to educate the children who can then rise above the poverty line. Again costs here need to be supported so the project can go from strength to strength.

My next stop is Cambodia in a small town about 2 hours away from Phnom Penh. The project aims to promote education for all in a rural area where children until now have been missing out. My time will be spent teaching basic English and maths.  I’ll be living in a dormitory with other volunteers, washing out of a bucket and I’m sure you can imagine the rest!!

I know that charity is close to everyone’s heart and giving time and money is immeasurably important to those in need or who have little or nothing.  So I’m asking if you could offer a donation.  At this time I do not know what each of these projects will need until I arrive, so am in need of funds to be able to support and buy things that will help to improve the lives of so many people.

I am seeking donations to aid the different volunteering projects I’ll be involved with over the next few months.  This funding will be to help ease the discomfort of the daily lives of those who have no means of improving themselves, something which we in the Western World have little personal experience of.  The people I will be with have little hope, are unable to even support their children with an education, have no means to supporting themselves.  Whatever you are able to give will go a long way.

Please contact me direct for details of how to make a donation.

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