Bindi Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade across Chiang Mia Thailand

Elephant Parade Chiang Mai 2016 in the jewel of Northern Thailand, is part of an international social enterprise running the largest art exhibition, which has moved around 19 cities worldwide since 2007, including London in 2010 and a UK National Tour in 2014. Life size decorated baby elephant statues are exhibited in international cities to raise awareness for the need of elephant conservation.

'Groovy Trio' by Nicolas Luna

‘Groovy Trio’ by Nicolas Luna

The Elephant Parade Chiang Mai took over the streets of Chiang Mai from 9th December 2016 until 15th January 2017. The limited edition painted elephants could all be purchased and the net profits donated to elephant conservation projects and the well being of elephants. It raises the awareness that Asian elephants have suffered 95% habitat loss and 70% population decline.  Mike Spits, Founder of Elephant Parade say “The elephant will become extinct in 30 years if we do not do something right now.”

89 life size painted elephants were strategically placed across 18 sites in the city. Photos taken at Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre, Thapae Gate, The River Market Restaurant, the Elephant Parade Shop in Nimman, and The 3 Kings Monument.

Purchases of replicas can be found in the Elephant Parade outlets at the shopping centres around Chiang Mai.

Not sure I managed to meet all the ellies, but had great fun trying.

To learn more about this check out the Elephant Parade website here 

2 thoughts on “Elephant Parade across Chiang Mia Thailand

  1. Lieve Verlinden-Lee

    Amazing photographs. Wished I could have been there to see those elephants.. But who knows what Chiang Mai will have on display when I finally make my way there…

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Lieve, many thanks for the compliment. I love taking photos and sharing them. As you know there’s usually something going on in Chiang Mai. This weekend is the annual Flower Festival with lots of floats and Parades around the moat. Possibly another blog for photos coming soon.


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