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Coconut Tree Plucker

Meet Robert.   He was a physiotherapist in a previous life, now he lives in Goa with his wife Indian wife and daughter, and became a coconut tree plucker, climbing trees for a living.    He climbs with a thin rope around his ankles and pulls himself up using only his body strength carrying a machete in his belt. There’s no safety ropes or a safety net. Coconut plucker skills are traditionally passed down from generation to generation but it is considered a skill of low social standing so most of the young boys have sought out jobs on the cruise liners and go to sea.

He spent three days up the trees at Casa Susegad, several hundreds of feet off the ground, sitting and stretching to reach the coconuts,  whilst they swayed with his weight. There was many a moment of gasping and holding of breath as we wondered at his courage and strength.

There’s a shortage of tree pluckers and toddy tappers in Goa, so if you’re looking for a new career, like climbing trees, an outdoor life, a warmer climate, this could be your new start.  No experience needed as you’ll learn on the job.


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Casa Susegad The Movie

It’s been sometime since I last posted anything and so much has happened.  I was in a tuk tuk accident in Cambodia on my way  to Honour Village, when the driver went a little too fast over a speed ramp and I landed precariously.  As a result I ended up in hospital in Siem Reap for a week then was airlifted to Bangkok and finally to the UK 2 weeks later. 3 months later I had recovered enough to fly to Goa and join my ‘family’ at Casa Susegad.

Casa Susegad have recently brightened everything up and make the place look even more alive. I walked straight onto a film set with Tony Cordeaux making a 4 minute movie for their web site. You can watch it here.