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Siem Reap known as Temple Town in the North West of Cambodia

Siem Reap, the place I left 10 months ago, which I called home on and off for 2 years, has changed. I recently return for a short 7 days. Walking across the tarmac after exiting the plane, I breathed in the air and I was reminded once again of the unique smell the town has. Or maybe it was because we’d just missed one of the torrential down pours now the rainy season has started. The air had been cooled and the humidity dropped. By the time I’d got through visa application, where they tried to offload me with change in torn dollar notes, (bills to those of you who are American!) which aren’t legal tender in Cambodia, through customs, collected my luggage, handed in the numerous forms filled out on the plane, it was time to find my tuk tuk driver, the humidity had risen again.

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What’s new in Temple Town

I was asked if my affinity with Cambodia has anything to do with heritage. I know it has but have never voiced and shared it so the question came as a complete surprise that someone who’d only known me a few days was astute enough to have recognised this.

The underlying current which runs through this land is sadness. It’s like their genes pass it onto the next generation.  There’s a gentleness in their approach and almost a sigh of resignation. Occasionally you meet a Khmer person who is changing the mould but it’s going to take many generations for this nation of gentle people to become proud and confident and stand on their own two feet.

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