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Three boys in Tamsui

What I noticed about the small island of Taiwan compared to other Asian countries

Taiwan’s population is a mixture of the island’s original inhabitants, the indigenous people, descendants of Han Chinese settlers, nationalist Chinese who arrived after the Chinese civil war in 1949,  Japanese from the colonial era (1895 to 1945), and SE Asia culture all blended together making a very interesting combination. The Taiwanese curiously are little like the mainland Chinese, though my opinion of the Chinese can only be based on those loud, culture lacking, swarming tourists I’ve met on my travels. The Taiwanese are kind, generous, thoughtful,  unassuming, unpretentious, quiet, almost introverted, though of course they can’t all be.
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Good place to catch up with the gossip on the MRT

Taking the MRT on a cold drizzly day in March in Taipei, Taiwan

Taking the MRT on a cloudy damp cold grey drizzly day in March in Taipei, Taiwan. ​I’d forgotten as it’s been so long since I’ve experienced this type of weather, how it might have an affect on how you approach the day and I chose to roll over and have another hour of sleep​!​ Then I was prepared for whatever was in​ ​front of me. It got me thinking about the different countries I’ve been to and how the lack of sun affects the physiology of people and ​h​ow ​approachable they are to a stranger​. My conclusion is simple; people smile more in the sun. They’re more content. The pace of life is slower. There’s no rushing around. There’s a lack of urgency yes, but things generally tend to get done. That’s not to say they’re less happy but outwardly they appear so.

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Night scene

Waking up in Taipei, northern Taiwan on a cold grey morning

I was woken by the shaking of my bed and room and realised it was a tremor after last week’s earthquake north of Taipei. It didn’t really registered and I rolled over to try to get warm inside my duvet but it was so cold. I’d moved from 36°c in Thailand to about 12°c over night in Taipei.  The old gloomy concrete Chinese buildings were not built for cold weather so I have no idea what the residents do in mid winter to keep warm.

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