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People of Bulgaria: elders waiting for the priest to arrive to bless the small street church

Love and generosity from the people across Bulgaria

My greatest love about travelling is always about connecting with the local people and the generosity and sincerity shown to a complete stranger. I’ve experienced this so many times in Bulgaria in the short time I’ve been here.

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Chaos on the Roads

This colourful chaotic place is a mixture of new and old. We’ve spent hours being mesmerised by watching overcrowded traffic and the turmoil in this fast moving city of Jaipur. Traffic, pedestrians and animals weave in and out into any space available.

Buses come in all sizes, single level red ones similar to UK, old rickety ones where people are packed like sardines, huge tall tourist coaches which look totally out of place. Bus stops are non existent, though we think we worked out standing in the middle of the road at a roundabout seems to be the on off point! Bonkers!

There are no rules, not even on which side of the road you want to drive. Road speeds don’t exist. If there’s a gap go for it! And watch out for pot holes.

Buses of all sizes dodge lumbering camels, carts pulled by a horse, donkey or pushed by some over worked man, hard working rickshaw cycles frustrate swarms of motorbikes and everywhere tuk tuks are lurking to find easy prey! In the mist of all this mayhem, cows just wander around knowing they are more important and have a higher status than any human being and look at you with distain. Then the colourful slow moving elephants come sauntering down the road very majestically and everyone else just has to move out of the way.

In addition there are battered cars, 4 wheel SUV (what for!), new looking jeeps, the occasional white police car. All with wing mirrors pulled in.

Pedestrians just saunter into the road anywhere as crossings are pointless. You might be taking your life into your hands but what a rush. Oh and the police guide the traffic by blowing their whistles. No one’s listening as they’re all honking their horns again and again.

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