Petronas Towers at Christmas Time

Quick visa stop over in vibrant Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Quick visa stop over in vibrant Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia early December 2016 and enough time to go sightseeing. Though I’d only planned 30 days in Thailand, the Ministry of Interior has decided between 1st December 2016 until February 28th 2017, they’d issue the 60 day single entry visa free of charge, so I decided to return to Thailand.

outside Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Most photographed icon in Kuala Lumpur

I stayed at 1000 Miles Hotel (press here for hotel details highly recommended) in the heart of the city close by to ‘Little India’ and I found I felt at home. Not only were the streets and buildings almost the same as India, but the stalls, the shops, the street sellers, the shoe repairer sitting on the pavement in the shade, the gathering of men on the streets, the smells and sounds, I found I was transported back to my time in Jaipur. Seeing the fabric shops full of beautiful coloured saree material covered in jewels, twinkling under the sunlight, the street tables with Indian sweets, the abandoned shoes outside the temple all brought back memories. Shops were stacked high with whatever they could sell. Dust gathered on their goods, but no one cared. It was a joy to have this brief reminder.

I thought I’d start being a tourist and sought out KL City Gallery. It’s a really small gallery facing Merdeka Square which is surrounded by old British colonial buildings. The Gallery timelines KL’s history since 1950. Inside you’ll find a model of KL as it is now and included models of buildings planned and intended. For more information press here

Did you know Kuala Lumpur means ‘muddy estuary’ and sits on the Klang River and Gombak River? When the Chinese could go no further as they reached the fork where the two rivers meet, they settled on the east bank, the higher ground. This was the start of the city. It was a trading post for tin miners for the mines further up river. When the British arrived they built on the other lower side of the river which regularly flooded. Here’s what it looks like today busy with major renovation work under the River of Life project.

No visit to KL is complete without a mandatory photo of the Petronas Twin Towers, and an evening visit to Symphony Lake to watch the musical fountain in front of KLCC at 7pm each evening.  My short stop over at the beginning of December was made festive by all the opulent and lavish Christmas decorations for tourists and Malaysians alike.

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